Hank walked through his apartment and slammed the door shut behind him. He reached down and unholstered his Beretta 9mm and set it on the writing table next to the front door before talking off his sox and shoes as he walked toward his bedroom to change.

It had been a long day and he simply could not think anymore. All he wanted to do was turn the T.V. on, grab a beer from the fridge and relax with his feet up, and not think about Jesicca, the police force or the unfortunate turn that his life had taken over the past forty-eight hours.

When he finally emerged from his bedroom he was wearing a plain white T-shirt and boxer shorts. It wasn’t until he made his way to the kitchen that the alarms in his head started to go off.

He froze half between the bedroom and the kitchen, in the middle of his living room. He had had this feeling enough times before to know that his sub conscience was trying to tell him something and that he should listen. Something was out of place or something about his apartment had changed, he just didn’t know what.

Slowly he rotated from left to right looking for something – anything – thta was unusual or out of place. The window wasn’t open and all the furunnture in his apartment was as he remembered it.

Without making to sudden of a movement, Hank stood straight up as he sense a figure coming out from the the bathroom in the corner behind him.

“Very impressive, detective.” Came a low voice that to Hank dripped with confidence as if he had won some unknown battle of wits. “I was very careful not to touch anything and yet your keen skills of deduction and observation, somehow, stilled managed to sense that I was here.”

Hank started to turn around wanting to go out fighting in a hail of bullets rather then to be shot in the back.

“Please stay there, detective. I only came to talk. I have no intentions of killing you, but I will pull the trigger if I have too.” The man’s voice was now directly behind him, right where the front door is.

He is going to make a run for it when this is over, Hank thought to himself. Be ready.