You never want to imagine a world without law and order or a world devoid of food and clean water. A world where people actually live in this conditions is all that more frightening. But in The Road it seems necessary, especially in today world, to think of such things and to write about them and make them come to life. We need such imagery to make everybody know and understand why issues such as war and environmental population are issues that shouldn’t be taken lightly. They are issues, that if go unheaded, will almostly certainly lead to a future that is far from that of a Uptopia, but something much closer to hell. Enter The Road, where a father and his son travel a long and winding road to the coast in search of. . . something better. Along the way they come across people who would rather eat them then say hi amongst other, more gruesome realities in a world that has ended and is slowly dying or is all but dead.

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