I found this article on an interview with Michael Swanwick and one of the first things he says is that writers are “hurt” into becoming a writer, which may or may not make sense to some but for me strikes a strong chord of truth. Whenever I am having an argument with a loved one or problems at work, coming home or finding a few hours of quite time to read and/or write seemed to wash all the worries and weight of the world away. In short, writing is a form of therapy.

If you look at other writers, you can begin to see how hurt and strife in their lives may have had an influence – or at least swayed them toward a career as a writer. For example, horror writer Peter Straub was struck by a car when he was seven and forced him to contemplate his own mortality at a young age. Another example is Stephen King who, aparently witnessed a child being struck and killed by a train, an event that some believe brought about the plot idea of his story The Body.