That’s right, for the last movie of 2009 I watched Star Wars. . . uh, I mean G. I. Joe. For those of you who have not seen G. I. Joe, go rent the original version that was done about thirty years ago. The graphics may not be as good, but they don’t lag to far behind and plus the story line is in the original form and much better then the utter flop that is G. I. Joe. For those of you who have seen the movie, you know what I mean – the base on the polar ice cap (Hoth), the under water base with the large canon (Death Star), and let us not forget one of the final scenes where the underwater plain (o.m.g., and I can’t believe they actually made this movie) which escapes from the interior of said underwater base just as it explodes and flames are engulfing it. I’m not going to give any detail about the story, because seriously, all you have to do is watch Star Wars.

There is no way that you cannot think of Star Wars when you watch this movie. My mother even made a comment how it reminded her of Star Wars. Even at the end my dog barked and it sounded like she barked “Star Wars.”

I am giving it a half planet rating and that is only because I never thought I would watch a movie that deserves less and therefore have no way of indicating that this movie is the epidemy of what Hollywood has become – remakes of old T.V. shows or bad remakes of old movies. This movie would be great for amnesia patients who have completely forgotten every detail of the last thirty years and have never seen Star Wars. Only then could they be dazzled by the story and graphics.

Rating (Out of 5):