Next time you have a holiday weekend, or a birthday, or just a day off, and a family member or loved one asks  “do you want to watch a movie?” If you say yes and if they suggest Hide and Seek, say pass.

Now, this movie wasn’t as bad as G.I. Joe but two bad movies in a row can seriously make someone think that all hope in Hollywood is lost, and after watching G.I. Joe and now Hide and Seek, I am beginning to wonder.

The general gist of the story is how a father tries to start over with his daughter after his wife commits suicide. For his sake and his daughters, they move to the country to aid in the healing process. While there the daughter abandons the friendship with all her dolls for a new friend – an imaginary friend.

The movie boasts several twist and turns, even a surprise ending, but don’t be fooled, they are all predictable and you should be able to see them coming a mile away.

Rating (out of 5):