Paris in the 20th Century was written by Jules Verne in 1863 but not published until 1994. Part of the reason for the long (very long) delay in publication was the insistence of Verne’s publisher, Pierre-Jules Hetzel, to wait 20 years because Hertzel said the story contained “not a single issue concerning the real future that is properly resolved, no critique that hasn’t already been made and remade before.” He said this even though the story predicted air conditioning, automobiles, television, electricity, even the internet years before they were invented or a part of everyday life. Hertzel went even further in his criticism of Paris in the 20th Century by saying: “I was not expecting perfection — to repeat, I knew that you were attempting the impossible — but I was hoping for something better.” After this harsh criticism, Verne locked the manuscript away in a safe where it went un-discovered until 1989.