I remember watching the V mini-series over and over again when it appeared on T.V. in the 80’s. I remember being able to sit and watch the entire 6 or 7 hour series from beginning to end without so much as blinking. As we grow older, not only do our tastes change, but also our willingness to sit and watch that much T.V. in one sitting.

When I saw V the complete series on sale at the store, I jumped on the chance to take a stroll down memory lane, and if I can find it I will buy the mini-series as well, and watch it yet again – although, in spurts.

Watching the original series as an aspiring writer, I can point out some don’t does from the show that caught me somewhat off guard, considering the large following of the mini-series.

First off, the series ends with a deus ex machina. . . It’s also the way the show started out so I shouldn’t be so surprised. Beyond this The Resistance is able to go aboard The Visitors ship almost at will, and in the very last show Diana escapes and locks herself in the command center of the Mothership and threatens to blow not only the ship up but the entire world as well. What is so disappointing about this last scene is the lame way that Dianna made her escape – by simply running away without The Resistance or guards giving chase, almost as if they wanted her to escape.

Regardless of how many times I yelled “c’mon” whenever something unbelievable took place, or even the cheesy way in which The Visitor‘s space craft was supper-imposed onto a blue screen, I still love this series. Maybe I am just trying to bring back those happy memories from my childhood, or maybe I am simply trying to kick-start my second childhood into motion, whatever the reason there are many wonderful things about the original show.

First, the ideas were original. Of all the science fiction that I have watched and read, I never remember reading anything about an alien race coming here and pretending to be our friends while abducting humans for the purpose of using them as food. The War of the World was scary enough – fighting against an enemy that was far more superior then us – but in V not only were they more superior, we were their main food supply. Talk about scary!

And second, the plot seemed to blend an international-espionage like story line with science fiction, and described in great detail not only how an entire world could become suppressed, but also showed the way in which they gave-up hope as the true intentions of The Visitors became known – it is the only Bourne Identity meets Battlestar Galactica meets . . . Bridges of Madison County story out there. Yes, there are love story sub-plots, as well.

Bottom line is that V was worth the money and time.

Rating (out of 5):