Since I never actually go to the movie theaters to see a movie (sorry, just way more than I can afford to pay), I, as usual, waited for District 9 to come out on DVD. However, from the moment that it was released into the theaters all the way up to just a few weekends back, I heard people say that they were surprised by the film, in a good way. Not surprised because the movie was better than they thought it would be – meaning that they thought it would suck and didn’t – but because it was genuinely a well done, all-around movie. After seeing the movie I couldn’t agree more.

The best part is that this movie has sequel written all over it. Now, somebody who is fed-up with Hollywood and its fascination with sequels that has in recent years resulted in nothing but sequels and re-makes, I am really looking forward to the next installment of District 9.

My initial reaction was this was going to me a movie that creeped me out more than anything. Aliens that looked like bug just sent chill down my spine. My fear was that this was going to be a shock movie which played on peoples fears of bugs and spider and have very little in the way of substance and plot.

I was wrong.

The plot was simple, but for me left plenty of elbow for the imagination while at the same time giving me all the fine details I needed to let my brain run wild.

The story starts with a man by the name of Wikus Van De Merwe who has been given the job a letting the population of District 9 know that they are being a evicted and relocated to a new camp – District 10. While serving these eviction notices and looking for illegal contraband at the same time, Wikus is sprayed with a unknown substance in a canister that unbeknown to him starts the process of his DNA being re-engineered to resemble that of the alien beings – the Prawns. running parallel to this plot is the sub-plot of the a company by the name of MNU – a weapons manufacturer – who is trying to re-verse engineer the alien weaponry. Their main problem is that the alien weapons have a bio-signature which makes these weapons only functional when held by a Prawn.

Now with Wikus’ transformation into a Prawn the ability to control these weapons is possible, but only after Wikus is cut-up, dissected, and murdered in order to find his secrets.

But he escapes, fleeing back to District 9 to hide.

Once there he meets the original owner of the canister that transformed him who tells him that the technology exists to transform him back to his normal state, but only if they can get their hands on the canister that started the whole mess, as it was a fuel source for a buried alien ship.

I can’t say enough good things about this movie.

Rating (Out of 5):