I don’t imagine I will ever do this again but I felt compelled to speak up. Yesterday the Oscars released their Worst Actor and Worst Movie of the Year list. On the list of Worst Actor of the Year is Will Ferrell for his role in Land of the Lost, which also appears on the Worst Movie of the Year list. Now, the reason I say ‘I don’t imagine I will ever do this again’ is because I am not a Will Ferrell fan. Some things that he has done have been amusing, but most of it has been crap, most with the exception of Land of the Lost which I did a review on a few months before and found it to be a pleasant shocker in terms that it was both funny and entertaining, the latter of which has been lacking in many, many – wait for it – many Hollywood movies as of late. The fact that Land of the Lost appears on these lists proves to me that the critics in Hollywood and especially those that hand out the awards are out of touch with what it means for a movie to be entertaining and enjoyable.

This Hollywood trend started around 1997 when The Postman won Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Actor, Worst Director, Worst Picture, Worst Original Song and Worst Screenplay for a movie that was not only well done, but was just a good movie all around. It is a shame that such a good piece of fiction such as The Postman, which was written by the great David Brin, would be dissed in such a way.

Shame on you Hollywood.