This was my first Tony Hillerman book, and after reading The Dark Wind it most certainly won’t be my last. I will be returning for more.

The Dark Wind is the story of a Navajo Reservation cop by the name of Jim Chee. He is the new guy in town and new on the beat. His first crimes come in the form of a windmill vandalizing and a murder. Having no luck solving the murder as the flesh on the corpses hands and feet are stripped away, Chee turns to staking-out the windmill in hopes of catching the culprit in the act. Instead, Chee happens to be in the right place at the right time to witness a plane crash. Rushing to the scene, Chee begins to think about how odd is it for a plane to have landed on a remote piece of rock in the Arizona desert, all without landing lights. immediately Chee begins to suspect that the plane crash is drug related.

After Chee arrives at the scene he hears scurrying up a cliff face but is unable to catch the person fleeing. On further inspection of the plane, Chee find two dead people on board but no drugs. The plot begins to thicken even more when the CIA gets involved, treating the incident as a drug deal gone horribly wrong. Why would they think this? Because a set of lamps, used to guide the plane on to the landing strip on the ground, lead straight to a vertical rock outcropping, meaning that the case not only involves drugs but murder.

This was the first Tony Hillerman book that I have read, even though I have been told to read his books before. The Dark Wind was just under three hundred pages, but with the non-stop action that kept me turning page after page, it felt like I had read just a few dozen pages and left me wanting more. I think I’ll be pulling another Tony Hillerman book off the shelf here to continue the adventures of the Jim Chee, the Navajo reservation cop.

Rating (Out of 5):