What was now famous writer Michael Connelly doing before he made a carrier out of writing mystery novels? He was the crime beat reporter for the L.A. Times and Fort Lauderdale News and Sun-Sentinel. It was in L.A. where Connelley visited the apartment complex of crime writer Raymond Chandler and even got a chance to view the apartment where the writer wrote many of his novels. The cigarette burns were still on the wall, left there by the future tenants and manager as a kind-of memorial to the late author.

It was also in L.A. that Connelley started writing mystery novels of his own, drawing from the many cases that he wrote about as a crime beat reporter, stories that he would later re-print in the non-fiction book Crime Beat.

Crime Beat is a chilling collection of the worst that humanity has to offer as the stories include the worst from the entire spectrum of the crime element. In these true life stories husbands kill their wives and sons kill their fathers, there is even the story of an unusual band of hired hitmen who were so bold as to place an ad in Soldier of Fortune Magazine.

If you have ever wondered where writers get some of their ideas, this would be the place to start researching.

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