Let me start off by saying that this was an odd movie, but odd doesn’t necessarily mean not entertaining. On the contrary, I found this movie a great break from everyday life and a wonderful distraction. Sure it was cheesy and it didn’t take itself seriously, but neither should we, and that is what made this movie great. Not until later did I find out there this movie is the third installment in a trilogy – there is no better feeling to showing up to the party late, or watching the ending before the beginning. No matter, the introduction did a wonderful job on catching the audience up on any details they might need to know if they hadn’t seen the first two movie beforehand.

The movie starts out with a man named Ash being sucked into some kind of inter-dimensional portal that dumps him off in the past – around 13oo A.D. Once there he is plunged literally in-between two fighting, medieval armies – Duke Henry and Lord Arthur. From there he is taken prisoner and held captive by Lord Arthur and his men as he is believed to be part of Duke Henry‘s army. The Wise Man travelling with Arthur warns that he might be the chosen one, Lord Arthur not caring besides to dispose of Ash anyways – better to be safe then sorry. However, Ash proves that he is the chosen one when he is thrown – presumably to his death – into a pit that is home to a viscous and rather sickly looking monster. He defeats them using his chainsaw which doubles as a hand and a shotgun, or, what he refers to as his Boom Stick.

From there Ash learns that his only hope of getting home is to retrieve the Necronomicon, a magical book in the possession of the Deadites. He is warned that before he takes possession of the book he must repeat the words Klatoo, Verata, Nicto. But off course he forgets the last word and takes the book anyways, thus unleashing the army of the dead – you guessed it, an army of half-decomposed soldiers or soldiers made-up of nothing but bare bones.

In the end Ash decides to stay and help to defeat the army of the dead – it is his fault after all that they even exist – by making use of his shotgun and gun power, the chemical composition of which he found in a chemistry book he had conveniently kept in the trunk of his car which followed him through the inter-dimensional portal. Got all that?

The movie ends when Ash walks away victorious, without the girl he so desperately wanted “some sugar” from, making The Army of Darkness the only movie I have ever seen where the main character walks off into the sunset without the girl.

Rating (Out of 5):