Remember playing Grand Theft Auto and the first thing you would do was steal a car and go racing around town. Well, eventually, after you failed to make to many of those corners, the car you stole broke down or caught fire and you had to abandon it. Not the case in 2012, in 2012 the cars and planes lasted an almost indefinite amount of time. They survived pummeling by falling buildings, molten chunks of earth flying through the sky and crumbling runways and roads. And it was because of these discrepancies that made the movie just slightly unbelievable. Sure, I thought tsunamis that washed over the Himalayas and the large chunks of earth falling into the sea – the ones that just happened to have entire city blocks on them – was completely believable, I remember thinking to myself yeah, that could happen. And yes I know that it is Hollywood, but one thing that I can say is that the movie was entertaining, in all honesty I do recall yelling in a loud voice run! whenever some calamity came rolling over the nearest mountain range.

2012 is in large part the story of writer Jackson Curtis and his struggle to save his family, a family that has been split up by Curtis’ constant need to write instead of being a father. While on a camping trip in Yellowstone Curtis and his two children stumble across a fenced off portion of the park, they later learn that it is fenced off because the park has become unstable. Upon being captured by the army Curtis meets a scientist who has actually read one of his books, a scientist by the name of Adrian Helmsley who happens to be leading a geological survey of the area, but also has inside information about the end of the world and global calamity that is about to befall the entire planet.

Once back at camp Curtis meets an eccentric man named Charlie Frost, a conspiracy guru that has somehow stumbled onto these government plans and the truth about how they plan to save the planet. . . well, some of the planet. He even claims to have diagram of giant spaceships that will act as Arks. Only they are not spaceships, they are boats, and getting to them and getting on board will be easier said then done, and almost impossible for Curtis and his children and ex-wife.

There were lots of problems that I had with this movie, but it is a special effects gem and for that I cannot say by any stretch of the imagination that watching this movie was a waste of time. It would be nice, however, for a movie to come out that has both jaw dropping special effects and great story telling. Many have come close, but none have yet succeeded, at least not in my opinion.

Rating (Out of 5):