Imagine a fate worse then discovering that your body and mind has been taken over and you have no power or means to stop it (Invasion of the Body Snatchers). Now imagine the world is being invaded by aliens from a distant planet who have come to earth for the sole purpose of using us as their new exported food supply (V). Take these ideas and throw in a government conspiracy where the heads of state are working with these beings to try and save their own asses and you have the plot to The X Files: Fight the Future. Only now we are not just the food source and the victim of some unknown organism that takes control of our body, but we are all that with the added bonus of being the incubator for an alien organism that digests it’s host from the inside out as it grows and finally hatches.

The movie starts off with the blowing-up of a federal building in downtown Dallas, Texas. Later in the movie we discover that this was done to cover up the way in which three firefighters and young boy died – somebody wanted to make everybody think that they died in the building as it exploded, and draw attention away from the real way in which they met their end; at the bottom of a cave in north Texas and at the hands of a creature the world has not seen in several thousand years.

But Mulder is not fooled, he knows a cover-up when he sees one. And so begins his journey to try and first get a look at the bodies of the bombed building, and with a little help from a conspiracy theory nut, to the corn fields of Texas where all is not as it should be amongst the corn husks of Americas heartland.

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