This will most likely be an unusual post but I have, for whatever reason, been thinking about how many of the end-of-world scenarios I have seen on TV or read about in books seems to center around Denver. For example, the TV show Jericho begins when an explosion seen in the far-off distance comes from the direction of Denver; we later learn that the world has broke out in some kind of nuclear war. In Battlefield Earth – the film version at least – the characters of that story are living in the Denver area, we learn this only because one of the characters visits the Denver Public Library to learn about the past of the human race. Then there is, of course, The Stand, which doesn’t take place in Denver but in Boulder, a mere thirty miles away – close enough. In another Stephen King book, The Langoliers, when the pilot of American Pride Flight 29 is flying over the Denver area and trying to call for help, he gets no response and immediately jumps to the scary possibility that there might have been some kind of nuclear war and all of humanity is gone, including Denver.

The list goes on – Jeremiah, just for the sake of coming up with one more. What does this mean? I don’t know, just thought it was interesting, if not a little unsettling since I was born and raised and currently live in the Denver area.