It’s no wonder that when The X Files first appeared on Fox it was an instant hit. People love the unknown, mysteries, and the proverbial who-done-it with the out of this world twist. That is why when I saw The X Files seasons 1 and 2 on sale I grabbed the last two copies.

When I was in high school, any show that dealt with UFO’s, bizarre creatures, or psychic ability was a show I would inevitably become hooked on, and The X Files had all those things. From the very first episode of a group of high school students that start turning up dead or missing and presumably the victims of alien abductions; to a man who would appear to be the next step in human evolution as he is able to not only stay young over the span of a hundred years, he can also contort and manipulate his body to fit into small space in order to gain access to people apartments and house to literally suck the life from them, The X Files draws you in. Then there are the more conventional phenomena of government experiments involving reversed-engineered alien technology on a secret base in the Utah mountains and hauntings involving a cutting edge engineer who tragically died before his life’s work was complete. But that didn’t stop him from caring on with his experiments through his mentally handicapped brother whom he manipulates telepathically from his cryo-chamber where his head has been cryogenically preserved.

I know, who thinks up this stuff?

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