I like watching scary movies. I like watching scary movies at night. I like watching scary movies at night just before I go to bed. The problem then becomes that I can’t sleep. . . because I’m then afraid of the dark and what might come to get me while I sleep. But no matter how afraid I get, if I can I do it all over again I do, and the scarier the movie the better.

With Paranormal Activity I was therefore expecting a lot. I heard over and over again when this movie came out how scary it was – the scariest movie many had seen in years, so some said – so, as you can imagine, I was expecting to get little sleep. But lack of sleep is a small price to pay for good entertainment.

Paranormal Activity centers around a couple living in San Diego that has recently moved in together. But the boyfriend is in for the surprise of his life when he discovers that moving in with his girlfriend is a package deal. Shot in the now familiar Blaire Witch-style reality movie theme; the movie begins with Micah, the boyfriend totting around a camera trying to get video evidence of the spirit that has supposedly followed around his girlfriend, Katie, since childhood. Micah starts out as skeptical and even has fun with the situation at first by teasing Katie and even brings a Ouija Board to try to communicate with the spirit. But what starts out as playing and amusement and curiosity turns into outright fear as the haunting escalates from closing and opening doors to physical interaction and audible noises and culminating in Katie being dragged from her bed in the middle of the night and down the hall only to be rescued by Micah who is awakened by her frightened screams.

Paranormal Activity was scary, but like The Blaire With Project you never actually see anything, or very little, and as was the case with The Blaire Witch Project I can’t decide it that is a good or bad thing, after all, the imagination is what does most of the scaring for you.

Rating (out of 5):

Because I had to get some sleep after watching Paranormal Activity – because it is in fact a work day – I then watched airplane 2: The Sequel. I should start off with a disclaimer here: in the post-9/11 era and also in a time when the Catholic Church is under heavy scrutiny for abuse allegation, some might look down on movies like Airplane for its depiction of a priest reading Alter Boy Monthly or for having an airport concession stand that sells time-bombs, but not me, I found it hilarious. Throw in some bare chest shot of people as they walk through the airport weapons check-points or Ted‘s story of the war over Nacho Grande and I forgot all about the boogie man.

We all have seen this movie, but the quick run down is the general formula for Hollywood movies: boys gets girl; boys looses girl; boy get committed; boy finds himself stuck as the only person qualified who can fly the space shuttle to the Moon; boy gets girl back. Inject a chuckle or two here and there, and there you have it, airplane. Only it’s not just Airplane, it is possibly one of the funniest movies ever!

Rating (out of 5):