You are probably sick of hearing me say this, but John Scalzi is awesome. After reading Old Man’s War and then The Ghost Brigades and now The Last Colony I am still wanting more.

The Last Colony reunites us with John Perry and Colonial Special Forces soldier Jane Sagan. Now, both are out of the military, married and living happily ever after as colonist on a planet. But that is all about to change. John and Jane all heading up their own colony, as a favor to the Colonial Union, only the CU plans to use this colony as an example to the Conclave – a United Nations-like grouping of several hundred aliens races in the galaxy that have aligned together to colonize in peace. The catch? Anyone not a member is not allowed to colonize at all. The CU, opposed to this plans to go ahead and colonize a planet named Roanoke, in an effort to show the rest of the galaxy that the Conclave is no match for the will and strength of Colonial Union.

How does the CU plan to do this? By hiding the colony and its location until they can formulate a plan to blow the Conclave ships out of the stars. And that is exactly what happens when the Conclave and its leader, General Gau, finally discover the hidden colony. However, the CU faces a new problem when they learn that the desired effect of destroying the Conclave fleet back fires and instead of the Conclave being torn apart, they become enraged and vow to eradicate every last human from the galaxy.

For the conclusion of the story, the colony of Roanoke has another part to play. Since it was John Perry and the other colonists that destroyed the Conclave fleet, they will surely be targets in any future attacks, an event the CU will allow to take place in order to bring the collective fighting force of all Colonial Union planets into the fold. However, John Perry has a plan of his own that not only save himself but his fellow colonists.

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