What happens when the Earth passes through the tale of a comet that is venting some strange form of toxic gas? Toaster oven, Trucks, electric knives, and lawn mowers come to life and people die, that’s what! Or, at least that’s what happens in the world created by horror master Stephen King. These previously inanimate objects could take one of a hundred personalities in this cult classic, but in true Stephen King style all of them become murderous and focused on only one thing: killing any living thing that crosses their path.

It is a simple survival story as a hand full of people held up in a road side truck stop struggle to stay alive when an army of big-rigs come looking for victims and fuel. This bunch is eventually lead to freedom, with the help of Billy Robinson — an ex-con working at the truck stop as a fry-cook — who convinces the survivors that they should all run away to an island off of the coast where no cars or vehicles of any kind are allowed. But this means that first they have to escape the truck stop, which is being circled by murderous semi’s twenty-four hours a day, in order to get to the shore so they can find a boat and sail off into the sunset.

Eventually a handful of the survivors make it but not before some are gunned down by a military vehicle with a mounted M16 that kills many of the patrons within the truck stop doors.

During the final moments of the movie it is revealed that the murderous tendencies of the trucks were not a result of the Earth travelling through the tail of a comet but by a UFO that was destroyed by a Russian satellite.

The movie was by no stretch of the imagination great, but like all things, it can be measured by if it was or was not a waist of time, and while Maximum Overdrive could be called that I in no way regret watching the movie.

Rating (out of 5):