Nothing will get peoples freak on like rumors about the end of the world, or a world, or, in this case, a star — Betelgeus. Apparently a rumor was started on a forum about how Betelgeus is about to go supernova. The poster goes further to say that if Betelgeus were to explode it would surely be as bright as a full moon and possible as bright as the Sun, and, well, what does this mean? Does it mean the end of the world could happen on 12/21/2010, two full years earlier then the previous prediction concerning the end of the world said it would? The author never says, but one thing is for certain – he is right, Betelgeus is about to blow! This probably won’t happen for another thousand years and maybe not even in the next ten thousand years, but hell, that’s all relative when you take into account how long the universe has actually been around – it might as well be tomorrow.

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