What would happen if a strange meteor fell to the Earth, caring some strange form of alien sludge? Well, apparently, it would go to town, eating everything in site, stripping flesh from bone like an eleventh century Viking eating a drumstick. Enter The Blob – a very unfortuniate name for a very well done 1980’s movie.

For those of you who have seen the movie but have maybe forgotten all the fine details of the plot, think back to cheezy special effects that remind you of…well, a 1980’s flick; of actors and actresses that you know and love, but when seen in The Blob think – WoW! They were young there; and of course of clichés.

The movie starts of with Brian (Kevin Dillion) contemplating his chances of survival if he decides to jump a small wash with a dilapidated bridge crossing it (Hmmm, I wonder if this scene is relevant to the movie, maybe as a feet he will have to face later on, one where failure is not an option?). In the end he decides that know body ever became famous until they walked out on that limb and gave it the good ‘ol college try. Except his motor bikes stalls, crashing into the ravine, taking Brian with it. From there, he is forced to walk back into town to get tools to fix his wounded hog.

And this when the trouble starts.

You see, Brian is our typical teen movie character: troubled, from a broken home, always in trouble with the law. This makes him the perfect person to be the hero of the day, if not also the most unlikely. You might think this would be Lance (Donovan Leitch), you know, the star football player who is dating Meg (Shawnee Smith)? But you would be wrong if you thought that.

After Brian fixes his bike he encounters a homeless man in the woods who has something strange attached to his hand. The man runs away and Brian follows him, until that is, he runs across a road and is almost run over by Lance and Meg on their first date. After a scuffle between Lance and Brian they all decide the best thing to do is take the man to the hospital and into town.

And that is where the dining begins for The Blob. Eventual Brian and Meg join each other in the fight to save their town that takes them to sewers below the city; to a mom-and-pop dinner; and even into a meet locker where they discover that the only way to effectively battle this other-worldly creature is with the cold – good, thing they live in a ski town with lots of snow making equipment. The movie was actually fun to watch, and despite the fact that is a product of pre-computer age special effects, the horror scenes are done very well.

Rating (Out of 5):