I’ll keep this short and sweat. I don’t say that because I didn’t like this movie, I just say that because The Road movie stuck pretty close to the book, with one major exception, and the closer a movie sticks to the book – assuming the book was any good to begin with – the better. For my book review go here. The one major exception was the part in the book where The Man and The Boy come across the dead baby roasting on the spit. I can’t say that this was my favorite part of the book, but it did speak volumes and in a rapturous  voice how desperate, not to mention cruel, the world would become if an ending such as this every came to fruition.

When all was said and done, the movie was good, depressing, but good, and a good wake-up call for a world that seems at times to be spinning into oblivion.

Rating (Out of 5):