What would an old west outlaw do if he discovered that a massive treasure had been found and he knew with whom and where said treasure would be at a specific time? Try and steel it, of course!

This is the plot of Louis L’Amour‘s Catlow. Although the planned heist won’t be that easy, but then again it never is. It won’t be that easy because the treasure is found in a dry, inhospitable desert in Mexico. Which means that if the Mexician army – the people who found the treasure – don’t kill Catlow and his gang as they try to escape, the harsh environment surely will.

But that won’t stop Catlow. Even being chased by long-time friend and lawman – Ben Cowan won’t stop Catlow and his single-minded pursuit of a hidden Mexican treasure that is worth millions. The problem for Catlow is that Ben Cowan doesn’t give up that easy either, and more than wanting to bring Catlow to justice, he would also like to save Catlow from being hanged by the Mexican army in the event he gets caught trying to steel the treasure. While Catlow is convinced that he can get away scott-free, Ben is not.

There are many things that I loved about this story, but the thing that I love the most is how L’Amour set up the events and story line. I mean, who doesn’t love a story where character is pitted against character. Throw in a good ‘ol treasure hunt where the odds of success are almost nill and you have a ready-made recipe for a literary classic.

Rating (out of 5):