Z71-371428I am beginning to realize that there is more to this world than some distant city that I know is there but have never seen.

There is a history, too.

Most of it has crumbled and blown away with the sand and dust. Some of it has been buried in the sand over eons of time since they were built and are only waiting for another millenia or two to pass before being unearthed. Some of it is still here, now nothing more than bits and pieces scattered across the land. These are the none living things, built and constructed by those of what used to be the world of the living, but like their flesh and blood makers all that remains of them are skeletons, their concrete walls carried away long ago by the wind.

Tonight I sleep inside one of these skeletons, its steel structure rising above me and what were once floors and ceiling’s above my head now poked surfaces. I cannot imagine what this structure even looked like during the days that it was in use; it’s purpose of why and how it was built long gone, unable to endure the decades of harsh weather and even harsher winds. The only indication left that even begins to answer the question of how and what is a large crater I crossed during my trek into the city. It is a crater so wide it took me the better part of a day to cross and even now I am not entirely sure that I have escaped the astrobleme mark it has left on the earth.

It is the mark of a weapon I am sure, for around its edges are bits of glass, some no bigger then the tip of my finger, others larger then my fist. I can only imagine that they were forged in a  fire that lasted several weeks and burned very hot. Even now as I sit here within the guts of this once mamoth structure, what’s left of its walls protecting me from the howling wind outside, I am seeing pieces of that long ago fire.

I imagine these pieces of glass as being containers holding unknown pieces of a past now a hundred years gone, a thousand perhaps? And if I could open one of them and see and hear what was inside what I would see is fire and what I would hear would be screams.

Original Posting May 14, 2009