I will keep this short and sweet: My mother told me once that some horror movies she just couldn’t watch because she didn’t want to be scared like the time that she watched The Exorcist. So naturally, when I heard that I thought well, this sounds like my kind of movie. To make a long and very boring story short, it was a big let down. The movie may have been a new kind of scary back in the day, but after thirty-plus years it seemed a little to cliché for my tastes.

So here is the quick run-down: a normal pre-teen girl starts cursing and, in general terms, going crazy. I know what you are thinking, sounds like most if not all teenagers. The difference here is that most teenagers don’t levitate three feet off their beds, and most teenagers don’t talk in tongues.

After becoming convinced that her daughters possessed, the mother convinces a young priest who has lost his faith, and an older priest to perform what is coined as a secret within the Catholic church; an exorcism.

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