Instinctively, Dmitri reached around for the rifle hanging across his back.

“I can assure you this is no trick.” The Armistid leader said, startled by the sudden movements of Dmitri.

Without hesitation, Higgins raised his hands to stop Dmitri from pointing his weapon at the Armistid leader.

I think my gun-happy friend, here, was thinking that all he has to do was fire one shot and this entire war would be over, Higgins thought as he once again motioned to the chair in front of the Armistid.

“I apologize, Supreme Chancellor.” Higgins placed a firm hand on Dmitri’s shoulder and forced him down into the chair next to his. “Dmitri you’re blowing it.”

“No need to apologize, Ambassador, in similar circumstances one of my soldiers might not be so disciplined as to not take a shot. After all, me, the one sitting in this room is the leader to an army that is responsible for a great many deaths of fellow soldiers, and friends. Am I not?” The Supreme Chancellor asked, turning his head to look at Dmitri.

“More than you will ever know.” Dmitri replied back through clenched teeth.

“And nothing I can ever say or do will ever bring them back or erase the hate I see that you have for me in those eyes.”

Dmitri began to say something else before being cut-off by Arlic.

“But, maybe, after today you will not look at me with such blood thirsty eyes, and maybe the healing process can begin.”

“Dmitri, could you wait for me outside, I have a feeling me and the Supreme Chancellor here are going to need to discuss things in private.”

With a quick and angry look over at Higgins, Dmitri stood up and walked towards the door. There was a moment when Higgins thought that Dmitri might refuse, quoting some obligation to protect the Ambassador at all costs.

“If he would have shot me, Ambassador, nobody would have blamed him, just as I would not have blamed one of my people for taking a shot at the Prime Minister of your people. We have both done horrible things to one another, things that will never be undone.” With this Supreme Chancellor Nod slumped over slightly in his chair. “But I have come to realize that in this galaxy if you have no friends then all you are left with is enemies.”

“Sounds to me like you have been running from a ghost, Chancellor.”

The Supreme Chancellor nodded. “I am, and I have. What you don’t know and what I am here to tell you is that you are too, you just don’t know it, yet.”

For the first time the Supreme Chancellor looked straight into Higgins’ eyes.

“I’m not sure I follow.”

“As I am sure you are well aware, there are many other species’ out there. Some you may have come across in your travels, some you may have not.” Arlic Nod sat up straight in his chair. “Many of these races I would be surprised if you never heard of, since they are in deeper towards the core than your Solar System, but I assure you they know of you.”

For some unknown reason the Supreme Chancellor turned in his chair to look over his shoulder, perhaps to check and make sure that Dmitri had closed the door behind him when he left the room.

“You see Higgins, while my people have taken many worlds from these other races; we have yet to meet a foe as powerful you humans. But still, of all our time in space we have gathered quite a collection of enemies.”

Suddenly, the reason for this meeting became apparent to Higgins.

“Are you asking us to form an alliance with the Armistid in fighting some other race of…aliens?”