“Tell me about this alien race.” Higgins continued on, pushing papers on his desk aside so the Supreme Chancellor would have someplace to layout any documents he had to share.

As if the Supreme Chancellor had read his mind, he produced what to Higgins looked like a briefcase from under his long black robe that draped over the shoulders of Arlic, hiding any details about the form or shape of his lower body.

“To show how sincere my offer is I have brought detailed Astrometry maps that reveal where all of our colonizes are, as well as, which colonizes have fallen.”

Arlin opened the briefcase-like object and took out a rectangular strip of see through material that was no thick then a piece of paper and when laid flat on the desktop projected a series of lights and other colored areas that Higgins interpreted as star systems and nebulas.

“We are here,” Arlic said, as a red dot appeared in-between two star systems. “I believe you humans call this area of space The Void, we refer to it as the Fringe.” He continued on, motioning with his finger toward an area devoid of stars between two arms of the Milky Way galaxy.

Higgins began to grow flustered that the Supreme Chancellor had decided to ignore his original question of who and had instead moved on to less important areas of defense and planning.

“As you can see, there are no Armistid colonies within a hundred light years of our current location. In fact, our expansion into this part of the galaxy, and more specifically, this arm of the galaxy, isn’t as progressed as you might think considering our recent clashes in near-by systems.” Looking up, Arlic made eye contact with Higgins, making sure he was still following along.

Higgins grinned back.

“I am sure this is all very interesting, but what I would like to know first is—“

“We know that the humans home world is located somewhere in this area,” Arlic continued on, once again ignoring the Ambassadors question. “Although we have no real idea of where in that area. The Armistid home world is here.” Arlic pointed to an area of the galaxy that was within the same arm of the Milky Way as Sol, know as the Orion spur.

Listening intently now, Higgins leaned in to get a better view of where Arlic was pointing. The area looked relatively remote and was located in an area of space no human explorer had ever even been close to.

Arlic paused, noticing Higgins new interest in the conversation.

“But the seat of the Armistid Government as well as the home to most military personnel and a large bulk of our defense fleet is located here.”