I didn’t want to, but I watched Predators. I didn’t want to because, well, Hollywood has had a nasty record these past few years of taking good story lines, and good ideas and turning them into giant mounds of steaming crap. In this respect they didn’t let me down.

The movie begins with the main characters falling out of the sky, awoken rudely by the feeling and sound of wind rushing across their faces as they plummet towards the ground unsure of what is happening or how they even got their. When the reach the ground and find one another – each not knowing who the other is – they slowly become to realize that this is some kind of hunt, and they are the prey. To make this prospect more gruesome, they later learn that not only are they the prey but they are on an alien planet, which means they must be being hunted by aliens. The good news, they all, well, with the exception of one, have combat backgrounds and weapons training. We come to discover later that the lone doctor is in fact a cold-blooded killer in his own right.

With the help of one of the men names Royce we learn how many hunters there are and the weapons they use. This character is criticized for using the other people as bait to gain this intelligence, but, unlike other character flaws in this movie, he was right to do so in order to discover crucial bits of information.

I say this because, further into the movie we meets Noland who seems to be crazy. None the less, he has survived on the planet for ten years. Now here is where the movie starts to lose me. Noland admits that he is a scavenger, taking what he can to survive plus relying on his keen observation and cunning to stay one step ahead of the predators. And yet, when he attempts to smoke out the other refugees of this planet to, we can only assume, gain possession of their weapons, his lair is discovered and the predators are back on the hunt. When the party’s location is discovered Noland is the first to go, and not even with a fight. I just find it hard to believe that after ten years of being hunted and surviving he would be such an easy kill.

Now don’t get me wrong, the movie moved at a good clip and kept me watching, but we all was said and done, the movie was plot thin as were the characters.

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