**This is a small exert of something that I have been working on the past few days. It’s needs refining but I feel it is off to a good start.**

Raymond couldn’t say when he awoke, or even that his current condition at that moment could even be considered awake, but slowly he became aware that there was more to his current state of being other than darkness. Though his eyes were still closed he could see colors starting to unfold and bend in random patterns before him, then as the color became brighter – almost too bright – he started to hear noses and voices. At first it was a blur of color and half-formed images, and the sounds were nothing more than a din that masked Raymond from comprehending words or specific sounds.

Then, just as gradually as the sound and images appeared, they seemed to fade and become clearer, as if somebody had tuned the dial on a T.V. or radio that gradually brought everything into focus.

At first his eyes struggled to make out what he was seeing. He had a sense that he was floating high above the clouds of a large city, and just as his mind thought that, he could see large buildings that reflected up from the ground as sparkling patterns of glass that reached into the sky as if they were fingers protruding from the Earth itself. They sparkled in the rising Sun like diamonds aligned meticulously in a pattern forming streets and blocks.

Looking to his right he saw the Sun rising, stretching against the distant ocean horizon as it crawled further and further into the sky, the sea seeming to boil as if the Sun were being lifted from out of the ocean itself. To his right were vaster stretched of open water with a sprinkling of land that extended out to the distant horizon, which was still blanketed in total darkness.

And then a flash, only the flash was in the opposite direction from the sun and brighter than any reflection off a mirror or distant body of water could have ever produced.

Before his mind could wrap itself around what it had just seen, the image faded and another slowly replaced it.

The new image seemed to be from the perspective of a normal man or woman walking on a street. Raymond could see other people walking on a side-walk, some hand in hand, while others walked briskly as if they were late for some important appointment. From the fallen leaves and various people who walked about warmly dress, Raymond assumed it was fall. If he had to guess Raymond would say that it could have been a scene from New York or Washington D.C., but really there was nothing that told him were or even where this scene was taking place, it could have been Hawaii for all he knew.

And then the image shifted again.

Again he was up in the air, only this time his view seemed to be that from somebody looking down at the ground from inside the window of an airplane. He also heard voice, but he couldn’t quite tell what they said. Then his perspective changed, he seemed to be seeing the world from the viewpoint of another human being, he was seeing what they were seeing. His point of view changed from looking out of the window to looking in, towards the interior of the plane. As this happened, Raymond saw other people sitting in their seats, this must be a passenger plane of some kind, he thought to himself. Most of the people were looking around frantically, not necessarily a look of fear on their face, but certainly one of great concern.

The person who, to whom this whole scene was unfolding, turned their head again, this time to retrieve something from underneath their seat. It was then that Raymond noticed a news column display on a T.V. screen that was imbedded in the seat headrest in front of him. It was nothing more than a rundown of baseball scores from the day before, but what Raymond fixed on was the date in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, it read January 5, 2082, almost thirty years in the future.