Just a quick note here. Earlier today I discovered, shockingly, like so many others did, that Stargate: Universe was cancelled. The reason I find it so necessary to discuss here is that because, Stargate: Universe, a spin-off of one of the longest running science fiction series in the U.S., was actually a great show. The characters had depth, the story-line weren’t just meaningless adventure where things were blow-up in space, and they had a moral that was intended to highlight a significant point concerning the human condition. And most importantly the series and the shows were thought out and extra effort was taken to get things as right as possible. Not many shows, especially in the science fiction realm, can say that. Star Trek can’t.

Now, we can hope that the show gets picked up by another network, but the fact that it was even cancelled just goes to show how off the mark the SyFy channel has been aiming recently. Week after week, they have put out meaningless shows that do nothing more then pit one prehistoric animal or monster against another, which, after two hours of sloppy storylines and even sloppier filming, they call it a day and then plaster it over the airwaves. Now, some if this is our fault, because we watch these shows, most of the time thinking what is this nonsense, and the networks gets the idea that this is what we want to watch, when in fact we are nothing more then passers-by who happened to stumble across the scene of a train wreck and we are just watching to find out what in the hell is going on.

I guess what I am trying to say is we know what has been airing on the SyFy channel lately, with the exception of Battlestar Galactica and Stargate and maybe a few others, is nothing but rubbish, but if we can see that why can’t they?

It’s just a shame that a genuinely well thought out show is no longer because of one networks false sense of art.