As if Hollywood wasn’t scrapping the bottom of the barrel by producing sequels and prequels alike for almost every movie that came out in the first decade of the twenty-first century, and even many from the 90’s, now the powers that be are going back to the 80’s. I guess this isn’t news, Hollywood did remake The Karate Kid after all, but some movies held their own and can be considered great leaps in cinematic entertainment, which doesn’t necessarily mean that the story should be expanded upon or even re-maid. In short, leave it alone.

What am I ranting about this time, you may be asking yourself? Upon a chance reading of an article on Wikipedia, I have discovered that a sequel to The Last Starfighter is in the works.

Now don’t get me wrong, The Last Starfighter is in my top five of all-time great science fiction movies, but that’s not to say that I am looking forward to the sequel. You see, Hollywood has a long history of making movie after movie that is graphic strong and plot thin, and if you ask me, for the ever ready movie critic that is ready to criticize or applaud, this is a disastrous formula that has, over the years, driven me out of the movie theaters and paying an arm and a leg to watch what I have already seen, and into my comfy couch waiting for me at home. Even worst, not have I only seen it, it is usually the same old story, which is to say that there usually isn’t one.

I guess I can’t stress this point home enough. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with making a sequel and/or prequels, but when that is all you do with nothing original coming out of Hollywood, it tends to have a jading effect for the average movie goer. What I am trying to say is that I love The Last Starfighter, and I will probably want to see the sequel, but I will wait for it to come out on DVD rather then spending good money on a film that is likely to be just ok in the end.

And another thing, until I see a movie that is completely original, I don’t foresee myself in going back to the theaters anytime soon. Hollywood needs new blood and needs it bad.

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