In case you missed it, I went off a couple of days ago on one of my posting about people and dumb lists they come up with that are, well, to put it simply, rubbish. Having noodled on this for a few days, I thought what better way to honor my stance against said movie lists then to have a list of my own, only I will have this disclaimer which simply points out that this list a my list of favorite movies in the science fiction field, and should in no way be taken as the Holy Grail of all time great science fiction and fantasy movies. That would be holding my opinion way to high up and in a place of honor, and while I consider it to truly be a sacred list that I will honor and cherish, always, you are free to agree of disagree, if you like. However, if you choose to hold this list in  the high regard that it belongs, as a list be placed on an alter and bowed before, well, then nobody is stopping you.

  1. Contact: Now, I could be biased for liking this movie as much as I do. After all, it was written by the great Carl Sagan, and I have yet to read a book greater then Contact, and while the movie was nowhere as close to as good as the book, it still was pretty darn good, regardless of how bad of reviews it got by the movie critics. The thing that makes this story so good is how it speaks to certain issues confronting us today. In any genre, a good writer will always try to shine a light on perceived flaws they see in the world surrounding them. In this respect Carl Sagan delivers as he tries to point about how people are sometimes eager to ignore the scientific world around them to take faith in a belief that cannot be proven, and at times seems to be tearing the world apart.
  2. Star Wars Episodes IV-VI: You knew Star Wars was going to be on the list. This will be a trilogy of movies that will inspire science fiction fans and non-science fiction fans alike, for generations to come. And while the newer episodes weren’t as good, let this is no way make people be fooled or forget how good the originals are. If you haven’t seen the original Star Wars trilogy then you can’t very well call yourself a science fiction fan. More importantly, the forces of good fighting and winning against a force far greater themselves is always a good element to any story.
  3. Stargate: Stargate, when it came out in theaters more then fifteen years ago now, injected new life and ideas into the science fiction genre that was dominated by Star Wars and Star Trek. With Stargate, no longer would space ships be needed to travel around the universe, now all you had to do was step through a door that could take you anywhere a similar gate could be found.
  4. Explorers: As kids we all have dreams of doing the impossible, of having super powers or of going where no man, women, or child had ever gone before, and of course of impressing that certain girl that you always have had your eye on. This is the story of the Explorers, three teens that are chosen by aliens far away as ambassadors to Earth, but first they must want to go and build their own ship.
  5. The Last Starfighter: Who doesn’t wanted to be chosen to save the galaxy from a cruel ruler? The Last Starfighter was one of the first to make use of CGI, but more then the ground breaking in graphics, the movie had a genuinely original plot to offer.
  6. I Am Legend: I have let my opinion of remakes be known before, but this was one where the original idea was completely turned on it’s head to make something new, exciting, and fresh. Will Smith did a great job in this movie and so did the writers, producers, and director, so it should be recgonized for the great work of art it is, not to mention a pretty good science fiction film.
  7. The Thing: To be more specific, I’m taking about the 1983 remake. I remember being terrified as a kid when I first watched this movie. I was unable to sleep for several nights as the thought of my body being taken over by some strange alien creature, horrifying. From that moment on I was hooked. Years later when the opportunity arose to watch it again, I did, and grew to love the movie a little bit more.

This is my list of favorite movies until I change my mind, then I’ll just write a new list.