Long before I was born the ship that myself and several thousands of other people call home, rotated one hundred and eighty degree and fired its main thrusters, starting the long process of slowly this ship down and marking the half way point of our journey. We will not arrive at our final destination until long after I die. Hell, we won’t arrive there until long after my grandchildren die. None the less, it was a great day. Why? I don’t think anybody could answer that, it just was.

The truth is that almost everybody on this ship it stir crazy. We have never known what it is like to set foot on the surface of a world made of solid rock, only this ship, made of steel and dura-steel. Even though we have never known what the feel of artificial rock feel like, it is something that all abroad yearn for. It was so bad at one point, long before my time, that some passengers and crew talked about cutting the acceleration portion of journey short in order to start the deceleration process sooner and thus bring the people aboard the ship that much closer to getting out, to explore and find a new home.

That’s one thing that the inventors of the mission didn’t think about when the set the ball rolling to spread the seed of man out amongst the stars: we are explorers by nature and creating a civilization aboard a ship that would cooped up inside for their entire lives was never going to work. And yet it did work, at least for a few of those lifetimes.