God only knows why, but this weekend, when walking down the street, I walked past a used book store and just had to go in. Why was this a mistake, you ask? Because whenever I go into a book store I always walk out with at least one book and usually more. Now, being a book addict is better than being a crack addict, I guess. I mean, I have more books than I can read in two life-times, but that still doesn’t stop me.

So when I walked into this particular book store and saw a hardcover edition of World War Z, well, I knew I wasn’t walking out empty-handed.

Upon further research I discovered that World War Z has been picked up to become a major motion picture, and while have less than kind world for Hollywood and their movie selection as of late, I do like to read the book before I see the movie, and one thing that I can honestly say about World War Z becoming a movie is that it is at least original, which puts it an area that has been completely unexplored these past few years in Hollywood.