I really can’t say that I was looking forward to watching this movie when my girlfriend picked it up off the discount pile at our local video store. Sure I had seen the commercials for the movie and certainly knew that it existed, but it kinda of looked stupid when I saw the commercials and when I thought about watching the movie it seem that more than likely this was going to be a movie that was meant to make a quick buck but probably had no real substance behind it.

Now, I’m not going to say this I was right, because to be honest, the movie was half way dissent, but there has to be something said about yet another vampire movie, only this time a vampire movie about vampires that wield big shiny fire arms as they fight a seemingly endless battle against a clan of Werewolves that seem to have risen from the ashes after centuries of being endlessly hunted and driven almost to extinction.

What I did like about the movie was the history about why the two sides hated each other so, and the twists and turns that kept me watching towards the end of the movie.

The story begins with a group of Vampires, known as Death Dealer, who are tracking a human. This is significant because the Vampires and the Lycans, or werewolves, very seldom get involved with humans or their affairs. This raises the suspicion of one Vampire, Selene, who learns that the Lycans are after the this human, Michael Corvin, because he is a direct descendant of the Corvin family, a sacred bloodline that could be used to create a VampireWerewolf hybrid, a creature that would truly be immortal.

Selene also learns that Lucian, an ancient and powerful Werewolf is still alive even though it was long believed that he was dead, killed by Kraven, another Vampire who is currently leading the group as the Vampire lord Viktor is in hibernation.

This almost tears the Vampire species apart as everything they thought they knew about their past is a lie, including the history of how and why Selene becomes part of the Vampire family. More surprising still, is the fact that the fence separating the good from the bad seems to have fallen down and nobody is who they seem to be.

Rating (out of 5):