I’m going to keep this short, real short. The truth is that I couldn’t make it more than a half an hour into this movie. Why, you ask? Well, to be blunt, it sucked, it sucked bad. To be even more blunt there has been no movie that I can think of right off hand since I started this blogging experiment that I haven’t been able to at least finish before giving my written thumbs up or down to.. Until now.

Why was this movie so bad? The most obvious part that made the movie bad were two things: First, the Sheriff who was somehow able to put the pieces of the puzzle of why people in his town were seeming to go crazy together with little or no effort and the ease at which he connected that event with a downed, super secret, military aircraft which was having an adverse effect on people. This really blew it for me, and this was just a handful of minutes into the movie. At least give the audience some time to figure it out for themselves! Second, the shitty acting – OH w-what, did he just say what I thunk he said – yes, shitty. Let me ask you this, can a man with his eyes sown shut have the capability to worn somebody that there was a person standing behind them waiting to cave his skull in with a shovel? No, probably not. And yet that is exactly what happened, and he did it all in a calm, even voice.

Again, completely unbelievable. It was at this point that I turned the T.V. off and went to bed.

Rating (out of 5):

ZERO! Watching your own prostate exam on T.V. is more enjoyable then being subjected to watching this movie. But then again, this is only my opinion.