I know I have been doing a lot of library addition entries here lately, the truth is that I am busy and do what I can to use this sight to at least keep myself connected to what is happening around the literary and science fiction world. In that vain, I was looking back at the first library entry I made. I have yet to read this particular book, and no it wasn’t the first book I ever bought, far from it. But all we have is time.

I don’t need any more books, but that doesn’t prevent me from buying more. Anyway, this is the latest addition to my ever growing library of books at home. It’s called Beyond Star Trek and from what I can gather from the description on the front cover, the book concerns itself with how some science fiction movies got it wrong; why UFO’s are a figment of our imaginations and other area whether it be movies or our every day lives where the science it just flat-out wrong.