Jack Hillgard stopped in front of the High Fliers Lounge exactly at eight-thirty. Right on time, he said to himself as he look at his watch, the pouring rain exploding in large droplets of water as they hit the glass face. Despite his drenched frock overcoat and lack of an umbrella in the pouring rain, Jack didn’t go in, at least not right away. Instead he stood outside the double-glass doors looking up at the neon sign on the front of the building and then inside. He struggled to see anybody, or anything for that matter. Even though he could see silhouetted forms moving around, that was all he could see, other than the large orange glowing lights that hung from the ceiling at varying heights, meant to mimic stars, he surmised. But to Jack they looked like meteors, and from the outside, the orange glowing light danced and sparkled as the heavy rain droplets splattered against the window.

Again, Jack tilted his head and look up at the neon sign.

“Would you like to go inside?” The voice of the concierge asked, reaching for the handle of the front door.

Without answering Jack nodded his head yes.

Once inside Jack was meant with the thundering sound of laughter and loud music that almost completely masked the yelling voices of the patrons.

“Party of one, or are you meeting someone?” The hostess asked, smiling, although Jack could barely understand what she said.

Meeting Jack Lungardd, he wrote down on a napkin and handed it to her.

The smile quickly disappearing from the hostesses face as she pointed to the far corner of the lounge where the obscured form of a man sitting cross legged in a booth could be seen. He his face was completely in shadow, but the glowing ember of the cigarette he was smoking and the occasional reflection of his glasses told Jack that that was the man he was looking for.

Jack thought to ask how she knew the Lungardd, but then thought against it, settling for his belief that anybody who knew or had even met Lungardd remembered his tempter more than his chiseled looks and mesmerizing stare.

Jack was Lungardd’s younger brother. Although the the two of them were only separated by less then a year. The younger Jack was given up for adoption and given the name Jack, ironically the same name as his older brother. Although he would not come to know that fact until just last year when the elder Jack showed up on the younger Jack’s doorstep and introduced himself as his brother.