“What is this?” Dan asked, pointing to the form on a man in the corner of the moon that was on the other side of the one-way mirror.

“A Zombie.” Was Alan’s simple response.

Dan looked back over at the man after he signed the clipboard in front of him and took the veils of various meds, of which Alan was the keeper. The man in the other room wore a hospital gown that wasn’t tied in the back. To Dan he didn’t look like a zombie, his skin was ashy, but not so void of color that the man could be mistaken for a walking corpse. That didn’t mean much, however, since Dan had never seen a zombie, nobody had as far as he knew, and also as far as he knew they didn’t exist. But these government employees weren’t ones to make jokes, Dan came to discover a few months after he joined their ranks.

While trying to make friends at his knew job, Dan one day made a comment that he thought that there might be a rip in his environmental protection suite, based on a change in air pressure inside his suite. When he told them that nope, he was wrong, he had just farted, Dan was met with only blank stairs. Later he learned there were procedures in place to sterilize any floor, by fire followed by an induced vacuum condition in the event that there was a chemical of biological breach. It didn’t take Dan long to realize what this met: certain death to anybody on those floors.

“No seriously?” Dan added knowing that many of the projects in this base were bizarre and unethical, and therefore classified, but zombies? He thought that government could come up with something better then that.

Letting out an audible sigh, Alan put the clipboard he was studying so very carefully down on the table and fished another one out of the pile next to him. He flipped through a few pages before handing the clipboard to Dan.

“The mans name is General Sykes, Theodore Sykes. He was exposed to some knew nerve agent in Kharizistan. The only way to save him,” the army felt,” Dan could hear the contempt in his voice on that last comment, “was to administer a drug that slows brain function and basically stops all higher brains functions.”

Having finished his lecture, Alan picked up the clipboard he had previously been studying and returned to his diligent reading of it.

“Essentially turning the subject into a zombie.” Dan comments, mostly to himself.