Who doesn’t want justice? Everybody who has ever been the victim of a crime or had loved ones who have been a victim of a crime wants justice. But Mattie Ross wants a special kind of justice, she wants the man who killed her father, Tom Chaney, caught and punished specifically for the crime he committed against her father – murder. It’s not enough that more than one bounty hunter is on Chaney‘s tail and looking to bring him to justice, Mattie wants Chaney to know that before he swings from the gallows that his fate has come to this because of the murder of her father.

To help Mattie carry out this manhunt, she employs the help of a Rooster Cogburn to track Chaney into Indian territory, apprehend him and bring him to justice for the murder of her father. Despite the fact that Cogburn seems to be more of a drunk than a real U.S. Marshall, she has her heart set on his services for no other reason that Cogburn was described as the meanest, nastiest bounty hunter in town. She soon secures his services for the price of $100.

However, as the manhunt is to begin with Cogburn and Mattie both in pursuit, Cogburn leaves prematurely explaining that Indian territory is no place for a fourteen year old girl. Not to be out done and determined to see the killer of her father brought to justice for his murder and his murder alone, Mattie sets off determined to find Cogburn.

She soon learns, however, that she is not the only one looking for Chaney, a lone Texas ranger is also in pursuit and looking to collect a reward placed on Chaney‘s head for the murder of a Senator back in Texas.

The characters seemed to be flawed, especially the outlaws who were more apt to get themselves caught through their own stupidity than by any doings of the law. For this I can’t give the movie five stars (or planets), but I can say that buying this movie on Blu-ray was not a disappointment.

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