I don’t care what anybody says, I love The Matrix, all three of them. The cinematography at the time of the first film was ground braking, and even though it has been replicated in almost every form and fashion from movies large and small, I still find the movie jaw dropping. But as we know all to well, special effects only get you so far, and in my book when determining if a movie is good or bad, special effects get you almost no where. If there is no plot and good character development, then you have no movie, or at least no movie worth watching.

For these reason The Matrix Trilogy ranks amongst the best in my book: Good special effects, great story, and great character development. Throw in non-stop action from beginning to end and you have a recipe for a movie blockbuster hit. Also for these reason, when I saw The Matrix Trilogy on sale in Blu-ray format for $30 I jumped on it and will be watching it – hopefully – from beginning to end this weekend.