The Alien Quadrilogy is nowhere as good as the Matrix Trilogy, but if you were to butt the first three movies of the Alien sequence against The Matrix, I might be hard pressed to choice my favorite. So when Amazon had the Alien Anthology on sale for more than 60% off, well, I couldn’t pass it up.

The first movie in the anthology that I ever saw was Aliens, the second movie. I was ten years old and after I watched the movie, which my mom had recorded onto VHS from a cable channel, I begged her to erase the tape. Little did I know then that that movie would become one of my favorites.

Today, it remains one of my favorites, along with Alien, and Alien 3. Even despite the many downfalls of the plot – like an alien allows finding it’s way on baord an escape ship only to go into hiding when previously on simular occasions it tried to kill everything in site – I still watch the movies whenever the mood strikes me, still jumping and screaming whenever an alien jumps forth from the dark.