I had taken a little break from reading Stephen King, but had been looking forward to reading something by him since he is one of my favorite authors. Looking through my collection I saw Blockade Billy, a short story about a young kid trying to make it in the big leagues who was discovered simply by chance when the New Jersey Titan‘s lose their catcher to a career ending injury. We soon discover that Billy is no ordinary catcher and soon earns himself the nickname of Blockade because of his toughness and ability to guard the plate from base runners that will stop at nothing to score a run.

But Billy is who he says he is, and soon we discover that not only is he not who he says he is, he is in fact something terrible and horrifying.

The story is simple and there wasn’t really much to it, but the writing was good even though the story was short. It was definitely a good read and fast read for a lazy Saturday afternoon.