In a continuing trend that should no longer surprise any of us, it would appear that Hollywood, or, to be more specific, MGM, is contemplating a re-make of Robocop. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Robocop, at least the first movie, but to be honest I see know place that they could start to add anything more to the story-line. Therefore, I must assume that the only reason for this re-boot is too make money.

Also, it would appear that Chris Pine is being closely look at to play the character of James Murphy, which would make the film more appealing since I have been a Chris Pine fan since the Bottle Shock days.

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In somewhat related news, Hollywood has put together something that appears to be 100% original, way to go Hollywood. It’s called The Raven and has John Cusack playing Edgar Allen Poe, who is searching for  a serial killer that is using his stories as inspiration for his murders. Look forward to it.

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