As I have said many, many site on this site, I am a huge Stephen King fan but not necessarily a fan of the movies made from Stephen King books. However, when I heard that Universal was turning the Dark Tower series into not only three movies, but also a mini-series, I was excited. when I learned that Javier Bardem was slated to play the lead role with Ron Howard directing, I for one actually looked forward to going and seeing the movie. For somebody such as myself — who hasn’t even seen a movie in any movie theater for two years — this was a big deal. I saw this move as a complete turn around from the typical Hollywood M.O. of making re-makes of movies, or re-boots, or sequels, and instead taking a gamble on doing something new and original, not to mention breath-taking.

This was only a pipe dream, however, as yesterday, any and all plans to actually make the movies and/or the series were put to bed, apparently never to be roused again. What can I say? I’m disappointed, but I shouldn’t be, all Hollywood has done for the better part of a decade is disappoint me.

For anybody out there wanting to see H.P. Lovecraft‘s Mountains of Madness up on the big screen, to bad, so sad, that project was scrapped too.

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