I usually try to stay away from lists like these, even though I find them terribly interesting. But I try to stay away because to get into a discussion about the top 100 science fiction books of all time is, well, stupid. Stupid because there are so many books that to narrow them down to 100 is futile, not to mention that there are even more books which straddle the line of science fiction and something else, but in the end probably can’t be classified as science fiction. Take George Orwell‘s 1984, for example. It’s a great book, no argument here, and yes a classic for sure, but one thing that it is not is science fiction. It takes place in the future and has a lot to say about a world that can only be imagined, but for everything it had to say, what it had to say the loudest was a warning about a the world that may become reality and therefore should be avoided. It wasn’t written for entertainment sake, but written as a warning to anybody that would listen that this is a world that we are heading towards and here is why would should make different choices in our life to try to avoid it. Because of this 1984 is modern litrature, but not science fiction.

However in the end it is in itself futile to argue the point because I really don’t care, science fiction or not, books like 1984 are nothing short of master pieces that I will continue to enjoy many, many times over.

But, for what’s worth, here is my two cents.

Reading my previous post on the subject, none with the exception of John Scalzi‘s Old Man’s War of my choices made it onto the list. Harry Harrison Eden‘s series, Jurassic Park, and James Gunn‘s The Listeners are nowhere to be found.

Disappointing for sure, but I was glad to see other books and series that I had not thought of at the time make an appearance, such as The Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson and The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn which brought Star Wars back to eagerly awaiting fans, such as my high school self, that desperately wanted more; and Contact by Carl Sagan which almost knocked me off my feet the first time I read it, it was so good.

Anyway, here is the list check it out.