I picked up Soylent Green this past week in an effort to expand my movie library and update to blu-ray. I had never seen Soylent Green before and I must admit that I am not a huge Charlton Heston fan, but the movie is based on the book Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison, one of the best authors the genre of science fiction has ever known.

Heston‘s character Robert Thorn starts off the movie investigating the murder of a rich business man who happens to be the head of Soylent Corporation, the same company that provides food for the worlds huge population of starving people, including the new and highly popular, Soylent Green. It is this murder, that nobody expects Thorn to solve, that starts him on a path of discovery that will not only change him, but the world as well.

One thing that really surprised me about this film, even more than the touching on issues such as over-population, was the mention of green house gases as well as air and water pollution which, back then, wasn’t as hot of a topic as it is now.

I would like to say that the future that this movie depicts is probably pretty far out there and likely never to happen, but then again who would have looked thirty years ago to 2011 and said to themselves, I bet 2011 brings about hot debate about carbon emissions and green house gasses, as well as a total economic and political collapse the world over? Probably not many.

This is a film whose warning about the future should certainly be heeded.

Rating (out of 5):