For most of the day, CNN and other news websites have been focusing on the Steve Jobs resignation. Now, usually, I wouldn’t even mention anything about that here – I try to keep this blog as focused on science fiction as possible – but I feel something must be said about Apple and my personal experiences which has led to my not-so-popular opinions.

The short form of my opinion is that I’m an Apple hater. Yep, I said it, hater. Apple products for the most part – and again, in my opinion – are cheep and over priced and under perform. Why would I say this? Well, my first iPod I bought back in 2006 for $497. It lasted a year. Thank God I had a warranty and it was replaced without question. My replacement iPod lasted another year. In the end, what did I get for my $497? A portable device that allowed me to carry around my entire music library – which is pretty cool – but only allowed me to do so for a short period of time. To put this in perspective, if that iPod was, say, a $30K car or truck, that chunk of change would have bought me a vehicle that would have come with a warranty covering me up to 1,500 miles. The point, it wasn’t worth it, not even close for the money paid.

And don’t even get me started on why I should or should not buy an Apple computer at twice the price of a personal computer. Why indeed?

But I’m talking about Apple when my rant should be about Steve Jobs, like I said when I started this. The truth is that the two are inseparable. Jobs brought the company back from ruin when the computer giant almost died a horrible death when it was handedly defeated by Microsoft when Microsoft brought it’s operating system to every personal computer in the land, and all because Apple and Jobs refused to port their os to other computer manufactures. As a result, the company almost went under.

Fast forward twenty years, and Apple jumps back into the mix with the iPod and iPhone. You would think they would have learned their lesson, but alas they haven’t. Instead of Microsoft as their arch rival, Google is now on the attack and taking Apple on head-to-head in the smallphone and tablet arena, and by all account losing badly, and all because Google gets their Android os out to as many customers using as many smartphones and tablets as possible. Sure Apple is making money, hand-over-fist, however by all appearances that well is about to dry up.

The moral of the story here folks? Learn from the past in order to not repeat your mistakes in the future. It’s a good thing that Apple has such a vast amount of money at their disposal, because unless they learn from their mistakes I’m afraid they are doomed to repeat them.

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