Ignoring the fact that I am web developer and computer programmer, I am also half-Luddite. I don’t hate technology, I just recognize that about half the time it fails to perform the way that it is designed to, and also, about a quarter of the time, whether it be a computer, CD writer, car, or microwave, the gadget in question fails to do anything at all. So when my girlfriend wanted to get me a nook as a belated birthday present I was… apprehensive.

I’ve had it about a week now and here are my first thoughts.

The sad fact is that I have almost returned it twice. The first time because it said it was charging when, in fact, it was not, leaving me to wonder if something internally had gone awry. And the second time because if completely froze on me when I uploaded some of my pdf from Wikipedia to my personal files section of the reader.

But alas, I didn’t return it because, well, it’s really cool and I want it to work out. Needless to say it has been about four days since I have had any major problems, which makes me very happy. I also must say that not carrying around a half-dozen books at all times and having the ability to read what I want when I want is a definite bonus.

All-in-all, I’m happy and hope things continue to work out as I have devoted a lot of time uploading and arranging my personal library of books and pdf files. Now if I could find an app that allows me to read my OpenOffice file, my plan to take over the world would be complete. If anybody knows of such an app, let me know.