Have you ever seen that commercial on T.V. that advertises the latest big budget film and thought to yourself O.M.G., I’m not going to go see that it looks stupid? I have and that is exactly how I felt when I saw the commercials for Thor. I thought it was just another movie based on a comic book – and it was – and just another movie that tried to show you the benefits of those painful lessons that you only learn during your adolescence – it was that too. But it was something else as well, something that caught me completely by surprise, it was…good. And maybe what I mean by good is that it was thought out. There was the perfect balance between explosions, visual effects and just good old story tellin’.

The story starts with the history of how Odin defeated the Frost Giants and captured the weapon that gives them all their power, The Casket of Ancient Winters, thus saving all of the nine realms, including Earth.

The story then shifts to the present and crowning of Thor as the new king, but before the ceremony can be completed the Front Giants try to recapture their long-lost weapon. Going into somewhat of a rage, Thor vows revenge while the taming words of his father fall of deaf ears.

Taking matters into his own hands, Thor and his brother, Loki and their childhood friends Sif, Volstagg, Frandal, and Hogun travel to the Frost Giants home world of Jotunhiem to confront Laufey, the head Frost Giant. There, Thor and his friends get in over their heads and are save just in the nick of time by Odin. Odin, seeing his sons arrogance and hotheadedness for the first time strips him of all his power and banishes him to New Mexico where he is forced to live as a mortal amongst mortals. What he find out, however, is that his father, Odin, has not cast him away completely unprotected, he has sent his hammer along with him. However, the hammer is encased atop a pile of molten rock and can only be retrieved by someone pure of heart. When Thor reaches his hammer he initially unable to free it. Only later, after he becomes humble is he able to free his hammer.

Did I mention Natalie Portman is in this movie? That is worth a star all by itself.

Rating (out of 5):